Careers in GIS

So you are contemplating a career as a GIS professional?  Or maybe your friends have been telling you to major in GIS because “that’s where all the jobs are!”  So what exactly are some sample jobs and careers in the GIS field? has complied a list of 50 careers in GIS with links to more information or people who are currently holding a similar position:

  1. Aerial Survey Pilot  –  I actually had this job for a brief period in my aviation career and it would have been very helpful to have a degree or certificate in GIS.  Obviously you must also obtain the appropriate pilot certificates and experience, but being an aerial survey pilot is very rewarding.   I enjoy computers as well as aviation, and those two interests served me well as an aerial survey pilot for a large GIS / engineering firm.
    • GIS Degree / Certificate :  Not required but either one helps.
    • Pay: $20,000 – $60,000
    • Difficulty: Aerial survey flying is pretty demanding
    • Pros: Travel
    • Cons:  Travel.  You can be gone for weeks/months for projects which can be hard on family.
  1. GIS Manager
  2. GIS Analyst
  3. Environmentalists
  4. Insurance Industry – Believe it or not, many large P&C insurance companies use GIS systems to map out hurricane paths, flood zones, and use GIS analysis in order to position claim personnel.

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