What is GIS was started as a resource mainly for myself since I have such a strong interest in this subject. ¬†This site is where I keep track of my own links, articles and compile information I’ve learned and gathered about GIS subjects.

Hopefully, you are here to learn something about this subject as well.

If you have any more questions, or would like to  contribute to the site, please let me know.



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  • Domii says:

    I too have had it up to here with lack of useability in ESRI kiwrdenare. 10 adds so little to day to day GIS operations and so much time to every task I do. Yes we have a network, yes all databases are not as optimized as I’d like, but the program seems to go out of its way to loop around on itself. I have spent the last 20 minutes watching the Catalog loop into displaying the little icons in a geodatabase. It goes thru 5 or 6, then starts relisting them again. IF I can catch the redraw and clik to a different directory some times I can move to another location; all this just to pop open some file properties. Really Jack? It hangs all the time in Desktop as well if you have a mxd with more than 10 or so layers. Huh? Maybe that is the warning, ArcGIS<10 layers? Ha Ha. Too bad most of my simple landuse projects have 30 or more. So many bugs! Who has time to spend one's day/life doing ESRI's "beta-ware" debugging with their tech support? AAAAHHHH!

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